All the feels… from holding babies!

Ok, question:

Have you ever held a baby in your arms and just felt like your insides were melting?

That the emotions were so great that you could hardly hold them inside? That is just what it was like holding baby Riley.

Wholly smokes, I think I need to check my temperature. I might have gotten baby fever (insert drum sting here) …

One thing about Riley, this baby is seriously chill.

I mean for real. Never before have I been able to wrap, pose and photograph a wide-awake baby.

Yes, she was awake when I wrapped her!

Usually, when doing newborn photography, you want the baby as sleepy as possible, milk-drunk, so you can pose them to your heart’s desire.

This family was the cutest. They were picture-perfect (get it, get it?). Almost every pic snapped was gorgeous, and not because of me, but them. The doting new dad, the loving new mom. Riley’s parents glowed with joy at her arrival.

I also saw where Riley got her chill-ness from; mom let me hold her baby and pose her however I wanted! The usual restlessness and anxiety of first-time parenting was nowhere to be seen. I am sure that, as first-time parents there are plenty of things to be nervous about, but I got the sense that they knew what they were doing.

And for what I saw, they loved each other and their baby fiercely, and that’s doing everything right.

“Above all else, love each other deeply.” 1 Peter 4:8

There is something extra special about being the one capturing baby’s first Christmas pictures with their family. What an honor. I walked away from this session super stoked to see how the pictures had turned out, but most of all my heart filled with joy.

I love photographing babies, and they just reminded me of why I do what I do and how much it means to me.

To Riley, keep on being so chill! And grow strong. I don’t need to tell mom and dad to be good parents, because I know that you already are. To mom and dad, you guys, you got this. You are already doing a superb job. Keep your marriage as your first priority, (even if right now it seems impossible!). And seek the Lord when things seem too much to handle. This too shall pass…

…and maximize this time to make your family stronger.

Pam Scott

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