The Day We Met Nadya and The Orion

It was a lazy Tuesday afternoon…

By one of those wonderful serendipity moments, we found ourselves in front-row seats witnessing the birth of something wonderful. Not only were we meeting Ms. Nadya Skylung for the first time, but also we were given the amazing opportunity to celebrate with her creator, Jeff Seymour, the memorable day for his debut career as an author. We had the pleasure to be at the book launch for Nadya Skylung and The Cloudship Rescue and what’s more, Cali got to be the very first person to get an autographed copy! now how insanely cool is that!

This is how it all happened: We had some doctor’s appointments early that Tuesday morning, which kept Cali from going to school. After the appointments we were famished, and decided to stop by a local diner we really enjoy going to. Why hadn’t I noticed the wonderful book Store only two doors down? At that point, we decided it was pointless to go back to school (bad momma!) and decided instead to spend the rest of the day enjoying each other and the rare opportunity we have of absolutely no rush for anything… And one of our favorite ways of spending unwonted days like these is at independent book stores.

Anyone who has spent more than two seconds with the Scott clan can tell you we are these weird book worms… I mean, you come to our place and you’ll likely either stumble on one of our many book stacks (we have them scattered all over the place) or the baby’s toys (yeah I know, one of these days I’ll be that supermom who has her house tidy… but not today) We love books. We cherish them. So is not surprising that one of our leisure activities is to visit bookstores. Independently owned? even better! there is a certain je ne sais quoi about an independent bookstore. The sense of familiarity even if you have never stepped in before, the wonder, the adventure awaiting! When I walk in, I am stripped of my 32 year-old self and I go back to the wondrous enchantment of my tween years. Glorious years pre-social media and cell phones. I get genuinely excited, I want to explore every corner, open every page, sit on every chair, and chat with every friendly stranger. This visit to the wonderful Second Flight Books  was just like that, when we came in, we were greeted by a friendly woman who very excitedly told us about the book signing and meeting the author that evening. How could we not partake in that momentous occasion!

Nadya Skylung and The Cloudship Rescue is the story of Nadya, an orphan working on a Cloudship named Orion. She is in charge of maintaining the cloud garden, which keeps the ship airborne. The ship is captained by the benevolent Nic, who rescues orphans and gives them a home and a family at the Orion. When the ship is overtaken by pirates, All the crew are taken captive – except for Nadya and her four best friends. Now lost, scared and alone, they must fight against incredible odds – and suffer greatly – to rescue their loved ones.

Although a fantasy story, it is so incredibly relatable. She experiences unimaginable loss, crippling fears and doubt, and the powerful force of courage to press on. Now knowing her creator, I can see where she gets her fearlessness and determination from. Jeff Seymour has the soft tenderness of a humility that only comes when you have worked, and grown, through much trials, fears, and hardships. This victory, this achievement exudes in him an aroma of something so precious it is not taken for granted. Although very grateful, you can just tell that this project, this baby of his came after a lot of overcoming. His wife was a joy to observe. She, like her husband radiates the same gentleness and kindness that her husband does, and you can just feel the loving support of this woman. They have gone through this together, they have weathered all the anxiety and unease together, and now they savor the fruits of their hard work together. What a lesson on marriage she unknowingly displayed!

And so, we lived through one unforgettable Tuesday afternoon, one we will be forever grateful for. We now long excitedly to see where Nadya and the Orion crew – and Jeff, of course – go from here on. We will continue to cheer for them with every new step forward, and, I am very sure of this, we can’t wait to see her come to life in the silver screen one  day.

Until then, we will see you soon, Ms Nadya, in Far Agony!

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