Where’d She Go?

I disappeared. And I am sorry.

Oh my goodness tribe! LIFE HAS CHANGED and I feel like I am still trying to figure out a new “normal” for now, a way to keep something sane so I don’t completely lose my mind (any further, hehehe)

First of all, I am bewildered by the amount of subscribers I got to this site. I mean… is this real life? would people really subscribe to read my ramblings? I am humbled, amazed, floored, and SO SO THANKFUL. Thank you for supporting me, for encouraging me from the other side of the screen. Believe me, this girl sometimes needs it more than you’ll ever know.

Second, I feel like I owe you (and myself) an apology for my absence. See, Erik, my husband, already left Indiana to start his new life as Special OPS with the USAF. This is the first time since being married to him that I am doing life on my own, taking care of our home, our girls, EVERYTHING. To say that I am overwhelmed is a huge understatement. Every day is a new day for us for real. I feel like I am walking an uncharted territory, discovering what this crazy new life looks like and realizing that whatever works today won’t work in the future. I MISS photography, I miss posting pictures, capturing love and miracles. But this is a time that my girls, and myself, need to decompress. I am getting excited about this new adventure though, and for that I am thankful, because it has been really really hard to find the joy of this season.

My head is exploding with posts ideas that about being new in the Military, being a military wife, a daughter of GOD, a photographer and a wife who takes care of business in the midst of suffering. So please, stay with me a little longer. I can see how being disciplined in journaling here can be so very healing as well as getting loved from all of you. Oh yes, encouragement and supporting messages are so very welcomed!

Can’t wait to take you on this journey with me.

Love always,


Pam Scott.

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My name is Pam Scott, I am a family photographer, specialized in newborn and baby photography. I also do wedding and portrait photography. I am multilingual, fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. My husband is in the Air Force and we have two beautiful girls.

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